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In Generic, Savage Worlds on April 11, 2009 at 2:40 pm

Savage Worlds is increasingly becoming my roleplaying system of choice for one-off adventures and short campaigns. It’s simple and intuitive, but complex enought to accept som twiddling. Also, the design principles behind the game (summarized in the tagline – fast, furious, fun) appeals to my GMing style.

This infatuation with Savage Worlds coincides with my plans for some kind of online campaign and character manager created with the excellent django framework. Savage Worlds is published under a very generous license (look and learn WotC) making it more than possible to create homemade campaigns and websites. To that end, I’m currently working on an as of yet unnamed site for Savage Worlds where I intend to host characters and campaigns for official and unofficial settings. To guide my efforts, I would like some comments on what features to include in such a tool. The following feature list is intended for some kind of first beta release:

First beta

  • Create Campaigns where you list what edges, hindrances and skills should be included
  • Building characters with race, attributes, skills, edges and hindrances. Autocalculation of point cost
  • Autocalculation of bonuses and requirements for edges and hindrances
  • Link characters to campaigns
  • Print a nicely layed-out html page of the character

Second beta

  • Creation of new skills, edges and hindrances
  • Images, maps and documents linked to a campaign
  • PDF – sheet creation


  • Dynamic character updating of wounds, etc
  • Initiative and basic combat tracker
  • iPhone/iPod viewer mode
  • Support for published settings if the rightholders agree to it
  • Some of these extra options may be offered on a paid subscription basis in some kind of Savage Account

If this project would be well executed, would you use it (if you were playing Savage Worlds)? What kinds of features would you like? What kinds of features would you be willing to pay for? Use the comment or mail me directly at polyhedral at me dot com

  1. You probably already have this as a feature, but since you didn’t list it, I just wanted to make sure you have saving! The Dungeons and Dragons generator at pathguy.com is extremely useful, but the fact you can’t save any of your characters keeps me from using it.


    • Good catch 🙂 Saving is part of the alpha funcionality. Everyone who registers will be able to create characters and save them online linked to their account. Initially, there probably won’t be any limit to the number of characters you can create. At some point I might restrict this so that premium members or something like that will get some kind of benefit (perhaps five characters for standard accounts and 50 for paid (cheap!) premium accounts or something like that, so I can pay the server bills :))

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