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About Polyhedral

This is a blog. As such, it’s not particularly original, according to the wordpress frontpage there have been 160,034 new posts the day that I write this. This is a blog about pen-and-paper roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons and that kind of thing. That makes it a little more peculiar but not unique by any means. So, why do I write this blog and, more importantly, why should you read it?

Last question first. You should read this blog if, and only if you find it interesting, well written and generally worth your time. The odds of this happening increase significantly if you are interested in pen-and-paper roleplaying games, the RPG industry and perhaps a certain special interest in RPG system design. This leads to the first question, why write? Like most people with an urge to write, I’ve been writing stuff for years, roleplaying-related and, of course, non-roleplaying-related. I write because I want to share all the ideas that persist in popping up in my head. Ideas on how to make a better Skill Challenge in D&D 4E, or how to make a successes-based die-rolling system that works, or what GURPS could have been if they made a real 4th edition.

The point of this blog is to communicate. This means that me writing doesn’t cut it, someone has to read. To this end, I will try to make this blog as interesting and useful as I can, starting of with some advice from my D&D 4th edition DM experience and then moving on from there. With a bit of luck, some of those advices will help someone having a better gaming experience, just as several other blogs have helped me (Gnome Stew, Critical Hits and At Will to mention a few).

The name polyhedral is, of course, from polyhedral dice, the multifaceted d4, d8 and so on used in various RPGs.

So, happy reading and happy gaming

Jens Alm

  1. Thanks for the mention! I love what you’re doing here, so will be linking here, definitely.

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