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The Gunmage IV – Daily Powers, lvl 1

In Black Powder Weapons, D&D 4E on April 21, 2009 at 7:43 am

I received a fair amount of criticism for my last post about encounter powers (and also for the at-wills). According to my critics (I’m looking at you PrecociousApprentice) the powers were overpowered and the Gunmage was a better controller than a wizard and a better striker than the ranger. The critics were, of course, right and I have since edited the powers to make the Gunmage more on par with other strikers. Even if the balance was a bit off on the first take, it seems like the flavor of the class is generally appreciated and I take that as an incentive to continue on the same path.

This time I hope I’ve done a better job at balancing as I give you the 1st level daily powers of the gunmage:

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The Gunmage III – Encounter Powers, lvl 1

In Black Powder Weapons, D&D 4E on April 18, 2009 at 10:12 am

Since I created the At-will powers for the gunmage, I received some well thought-out comments and decided to revise them a bit, go to the original post to see the results! In this post, I continue with the encounter powers for lvl 1, focusing more on singling out one target and making him feel all alone. Next up are the daily powers in the next installment. Read on after the break!

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The Gunmage II – At-will powers, lvl 1

In Black Powder Weapons, D&D 4E on March 24, 2009 at 2:59 pm

In my last post, I introduced The Gunmage, a spell-powered gunslinger using elemental bullets to single out and take down enemies. I started of with the class description and the features, and now I continue with perhaps the most defining parts of a class, the first level at-will powers. Read on for the gory details. This post has now been updated after comments , some powers have changed name to better suit the fact that all powers except Magelock shot now has two special bullet types.

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The Gunmage I – Class Description And Features

In Black Powder Weapons, D&D 4E on March 24, 2009 at 11:46 am

I’ve had a fairly popular series on black powder weapons in D&D 4E going and though I’ve done two paragon paths, the musketeer and the pistoleer, based on the feedback in the comment, there seems to be a need for a full blown class รก la the gunmage from the 3.5E setting Iron Kingdoms. Writing a class is quite some work though, so I’ll post things as I get along and use the feedback from the comments to change and update the class and power. Finally, I’ll put the class and the other Black Powder posts in a pdf compendium and post it here for those who are interested in using it. Read on for the first post on the Gunmage, the arcane black powder class.

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