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Savage Campaigns Webtools

In Generic, Savage Worlds on April 11, 2009 at 2:40 pm

Savage Worlds is increasingly becoming my roleplaying system of choice for one-off adventures and short campaigns. It’s simple and intuitive, but complex enought to accept som twiddling. Also, the design principles behind the game (summarized in the tagline – fast, furious, fun) appeals to my GMing style.

This infatuation with Savage Worlds coincides with my plans for some kind of online campaign and character manager created with the excellent django framework. Savage Worlds is published under a very generous license (look and learn WotC) making it more than possible to create homemade campaigns and websites. To that end, I’m currently working on an as of yet unnamed site for Savage Worlds where I intend to host characters and campaigns for official and unofficial settings. To guide my efforts, I would like some comments on what features to include in such a tool. The following feature list is intended for some kind of first beta release:

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