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Black Powder Weapons IV – Monsters

In Black Powder Weapons, D&D 4E on February 19, 2009 at 9:19 am

What begun as a simple post on how to include black powder weapons in Dungeons & Dragons has bulged out like a gelatinous cube and is now into its fourth installment. With players getting most of the love so far, time has come for the DM to receive some well deserved attention. It’s time for some black powder inspired monsters and traps. Read on for the goodies!

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Black Powder Weapons III – Feats, Powers and Classes

In Black Powder Weapons, D&D 4E on February 3, 2009 at 2:32 pm

When reading through my list of black powder weapons, a friend of my commented that he thought they were well done and balanced, but who would use them? Rangers need their minor actions for hunter’s quarry if nothing else and Rogues won’t be proficient with them and won’t be able to use them for Sneak Attack. Well, a weapon is useless if you can’t use it, so here come some suggestions on how to integrate the new black powder weapons with the classes in PHB.

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Black Powder Weapons II – More Weapons!

In Black Powder Weapons, D&D 4E on February 2, 2009 at 12:08 am

At the end of my post on black powder weapons in D&D, I mentioned some examples on how it could be extended and here comes that extension. Say hello to the Halfling Derringer, the Blackfire Shotgun and their friends! I’ve included the weapons from the last post for completion (The Eladrin Longarm has been updated with a slightly longer range). First the properties, including a few new ones. (Edit: I’ve updated High Accuracy, to give it a little more power)

Black Powder

When firing a Black Powder weapon, a thick cloud of smoke fills the square where the weapon was fired, providing light obscuration until the end of the firer’s next turn.


A shotgun fires a burst of quickly dispersing small shots. It deals an extra +1d6 damage to targets within 2 squares. This extra damage does not count as weapon damage for example for the purpose of calculating power damage.

Double Barrel

Double Barrel weapons may be fired one barrel at a time or both barrels in one attack. When firing both barrels, the attack deals an extra [W] damage, but you grant combat advantage until the end of your next turn. Both barrels are loaded separately as per the weapon’s load property.

High Accuracy

This weapon has a particularly high accuracy, by spending one minor action, you gain a +1 bonus to your next attack against one target in this turn. By spending an additional minor action, the bonus increases to +2.

On to the weapons…

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Black Powder Weapons in D&D 4E

In Black Powder Weapons, D&D 4E on January 29, 2009 at 6:12 pm

For those who end up on this page via a search engine, I’ve since added to the series:

Several posts on blogs or in forums detail different rules for black powder weapons in D&D, it seems like it’s a common addition to the core rules (Stargazer has a good take on them, as has Dicemonkey). Still, when I tried to find some good rules ahead of my New World D&D game with a pirate/carribean feel, I couldn’t find any that quite fitted my taste. In the end, I didn’t include any gunpowder weapons in the setting, but should I have done that, this is how I would have implemented them…

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