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Who, me?

This is me helping the neighbours with the potato harvest. True.

This is me helping the neighbors with the potato harvest. True.

So, who am I. 31, physician by trade, doing a residency in ENT. I live in the southern part of Sweden with my adorable girlfriend. She’s not a gamer, but that might change some day.

I’ve been gaming since I was seven or eight and my older brother let me play with him using a photocopied version of Drakar och Demoner. This first game of mine was also the first swedish roleplaying game on the market, the title translates into Dragons and Demons (0 points for originality). It was a Basic Roleplaying fantasy game with all the tropes of dragons, manticores and so on. It modeled heavily on Runequest by Chaosium (still available, now published by Mongoose), up to and including anthropmorphic ducks as a playable race.

I’ve played perhaps 30 or 40 different RPGs more or less extensively and read just about as many without playing them. Most of them are stowed away in the basement. The games that have featured most prominently over the years are (I’ve probably forgotten a bunch):

  • Drakar och Demoner
  • Mutant (a swedish Gamma World-like game with a nordic feel)
  • Rolemaster
  • Star Wars (d6 edition from WEG)
  • Traveller: 2300 AD
  • Shadowrun
  • Earthdawn
  • Ars Magica
  • Storyteller (mixed)
  • GURPS (different settings, mostly supers)
  • Kult (swedish horror)
  • D&D 3E and 3.5E
  • Lots of homebrewn cyberpunk, sf, nordic fantasy and more

Currently, I’m playing and DMing D&D 4E and I’m looking into Savage Worlds with a homebrewn 60’s supers setting.


Jens (polyhedral@me.com)

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